Pool Maintenance
Pool Cleaning

pool cleaning and maintenance

Pool Cleaning

Take the hassle out of cleaning your pool and let us do the hard work for you. A clean pool means you have more time to enjoy your pool – rather than work on it.

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced. We go the extra mile to ensure your pool and spa are looking and feeling fantastic.


Pools should be a place of relaxation and fun – so let us take the stress out of your pool maintenance.

Our maintenance services are comprehensive, and our technicians are highly skilled. This ensures we get to the bottom of any problem with your pool, and provide the best possible solution.

Choose Aquapool and your pool will be looking and feeling great in no time!

A well-maintained swimming pool should have clear water, and be a safe and welcoming feature of your home. We can ensure you always swim in safety and comfort by delivering complete pool repair and maintenance services. Our specially trained team can provide weekly, fortnightly or monthly pool servicing, as well as repair work to prevent your pool from deteriorating.


Our pool maintenance includes


• Checking water level 
• Check chemical water balance 
• Vacuum complete pool
• Scoop all leaves on top of water
• Brush down all pool walls 
• Cleaning skimmer Baskets 
• Check pool equipment 
• Back wash if needed